Corporate Learning Solution

getAbstract’s corporate solution gives your employees access to our library of compressed knowledge, which will help them become better professionals. We have a huge selection of summaries of Business Books, Business Articles, Video Talks, and Economic Reports.

Our smart two- and five-page summary formats enable your employees to easily digest the most important information on a topic, and begin applying it to their work immediately. They can access the summaries from your LMS and company intranet or from our website and apps.

getAbstract’s learning consultants will create customized reading lists for your team and highlight summaries aligned with strategic initiatives of your company. They’ll also promote the readings to your employees in creative and engaging ways, part of a process of AIM (Align Integrate Market). Find out more about A.I.M.

We also plug into your social networks to promote sharing and discussion and accessibility on any device.

Informed employees fuel long-term success.

Our library of compressed knowledge gives your organization a competitive advantage by:

  • Empowering employees to learn anytime, anywhere, via self-directed micro learning opportunities
  • Improving and speeding up decision-making by offering knowledge at the point of need
  • Offering multiple perspectives on a topic to promote critical and innovative thinking and spur discussions within your organization
  • Preparing your organization’s future leaders by providing team members, at all levels, with easy access to information
  • Delivering resources for organized learning initiatives and competency training