getAbstract for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Companies with less than 1,000 employees qualify for our Multi-License Business offering. This is a special reduced rate for small- to medium- size businesses.

getAbstract is the perfect informal learning tool for companies that don’t have many educational resources. With more than 10,000 business summaries, across 12 categories, we have something to help every employee grow and improve.

With getAbstract, you'll have a rich and easy-to-use learning platform without the need for an expensive LMS. With our compressed learning configurator, you can create new lessons or pick from hundreds of ready-made trainings. Ready-made lessons bundle highlights and advice from multiple summaries on a given topic.

Our summaries also offer managers a great tool to not only learn how to become better leaders but also how to be more effective coaches.

Contact us and we can share some examples of how your business can benefit from getAbstract’s Compressed Knowledge solution utilizing our special Multi-License Business offering.