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This is the hardcore business section. If the numbers aren't right, you can forget everything else. We offer solid titles in all areas of company finance: controlling, budgeting, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations and much more.

Bruce A. Blonigen and Justin R. Pierce

Federal Reserve Board, 2016

8/10 Pro

Alice M. Rivlin and John B. Soroushian

Brookings Institution, 2017

8/10 Pro
Your bank has your trust. Can fintech make you love it?

The Economist Intelligence Unit

EIU, 2017

8/10 Pro

Stephen Cecchetti et al.

IMF, 2017

8/10 Pro

James A. Wilcox

FRBSF, 2017

8/10 Pro
Down But Not Out

Brent Beardsley et al.

Boston Consulting Group, 2017


Bettina Warburg

TED Conferences LLC, 2016

Why Is World Trade So Weak and What Can Policy Do About It?

David Haugh et al.

OECD, 2016

8/10 Pro
Global Capital Markets 2017

Philippe Morel et al.

Boston Consulting Group, 2017

7/10 Pro
Fifth-Order Draft (5OD)

Donald Wuebbles et al.

U.S. Global Change Research Program, 2017