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Scott Santens

World Economic Forum, 2017

Do Limitations to Interest Deductibility Work? CESifo Working Paper No. 6312

Ruud de Mooij and Shafik Hebous

CESifo Group Munich , 2017

8/10 Pro

Jack Bao et al.

Federal Reserve Board, 2016

7/10 Pro
Technology and the Geography of the Foreign Exchange Market

Barry Eichengreen et al.

ECB, 2016

8/10 Pro
Governments must understand and manage risks to public spending and debt

Benedict Clements et al.

Finance & Development , 2016

8/10 Pro
The Future of Prescription Drugs

Elizabeth Fowler et al.

The Atlantic, 2017

8/10 Pro
How Innovative Finance Is Tackling the World's Most Urgent Problems

Georgia Levenson Keohane

Columbia UP, 2016

Volatility and Financial Crises

Jon Danielsson et al.

Federal Reserve Board, 2016

8/10 Pro
What We’ve Learned – and Have Still to Learn – from the Financial Crisis

Martin Wolf

Penguin, 2014

7/10 Pro

Sriya Anbil et al.

Federal Reserve Board, 2016

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