Explore Innovation

This is arguably the most crucial and, at the same time, the most elusive skill to master for any business. Systematically developing novel products, services and processes to stay ahead of the competition requires concerted action on virtually all levels of your organization. Which is why our selection of summaries on innovation is as wide in scope as it is dense in actionable advice.

Dao Nguyen

TED, 2017

Designing Great Products with Agile Teams

Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden

O'Reilly, 2016

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Ingrid Fetell Lee

TED, 2018

With BCG’s Mickey McManus

Mickey McManus

Boston Consulting Group, 2018

The Playbook You Need to Transform Your Company

Anand Swaminathan and Jürgen Meffert

Wiley, 2017

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Lars Frølund et al.

MIT Sloan Management Review, 2017

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How to Solve the Innovator’s Dilemma

Charles A. O’Reilly III and Michael L. Tushman

Stanford UP, 2016

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How to Get Ahead in a World of AI, Algorithms, Bots, and Big Data

Malcolm Frank et al.

Wiley, 2017

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