Asian Wisdom on Strategy

The masters of thoughtful tactics share their insights. How to think before you act.

The Art of the Advantage

Kaihan Krippendorff

Thomson Texere, 2003


The time-tested strategies of the Chinese classic, The 36 Stratagems, light the path to long-term business victories.
The Mind of the Strategist

Kenichi Ohmae

McGraw-Hill, 1982


Classic Japanese business strategy starts with a very Zen idea: If you ask the right question, the answer will be clear.
The Essential Art of War

Sun-Tzu and Ralph D. Sawyer

Basic Books, 2005


Ancient General Sun-Tzu tells you how to fight strategically. Now you just need to know when to fight – and when not to.
Sun Tzu for Execution

Steven W. Michaelson

Adams Media , 2007


The battle is raging out there. Apply some classic military tactics to your business to become a winner.