Baby Boomers

Why a generation of former hippies and rockers now includes your best customers, your top employees and your boss.

Shock of Gray

Ted C. Fishman

Scribner, 2010


The impact of a graying planet on young and old alike…
The Boomer Retirement Time Bomb

Donald L. Venneberg and Barbara Welss Eversole

Praeger, 2010


Who needs a gold watch? Retirement is not what it used to be: Find out how the graying of America affects the future of work.

Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn

AMACOM, 2006


Males 18 to 34 are no longer the coveted demographic. Baby-boomer moms and grandmas really hold the purse strings.
What If Boomers Can't Retire?

Thornton Parker

Berrett-Koehler, 2001


If everyone buys stock at once, the market goes up. But what happens when everyone sells at once and then retires?