Big M&A Deals

When dealmakers meet, what happens behind closed doors?

Operations Due Diligence

James F. Grebey

McGraw-Hill, 2011


Do you want to know what makes a firm successful in the long term? Ask at least 400 questions.
Winning Strategies

Anirban Dutta and Hetzel W. Folden

Wiley, 2010


How to close multimillion-dollar deals – and keep them closed
The Biggest Game of All

Leslie Cauley and Leo Hindery, Jr.

Free Press, 2003


Why do big corporations make big deals, even to their economic detriment? Because they can — and here’s how.

Peter Burrows

Wiley, 2003


What happens when a hot female CEO sashays into a cozy corporation with merger on her mind? Just ask Hewlett-Packard.