Classics of Capitalist Theory

Understand how money moves in a democracy -- your money


Karl Marx

Oxford UP, 1999


The Marxist bible: In his economic masterwork, Karl Marx details capital accumulation and the exploitation of the proletariat.
Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

Joseph A. Schumpeter

Harper Perennial, 1984


Economist Schumpeter called capitalism "creative destruction," and said it would self-destruct from stagnation and revolt.
The Future of Capitalism

Lester C. Thurow

Penguin, 1996


Economist Lester Thurow asks hard questions, like: As the gulf between rich and poor widens, will capitalism stagnate?
Capitalism and Freedom

Milton Friedman

University of Chicago Press, 2002


Ask not what economist Milton Friedman believes: this 1962 classic made him an oracle for traditional economics.