Computer Giants

You know about the men who masterminded the Information Age – now find out what they were thinking.


Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith

W.W. Norton, 2006


How Steve Wozniak started Apple, invented the personal computer and played a few pranks along the way.
How Dell Does It

Steven Holzner

McGraw-Hill, 2006


Dude! You`re getting Dell`s strategy: direct sales, no inventory, and customer service.
iCon Steve Jobs

Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon

Wiley, 2005


How Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs survived his past and his failures to become a giant in movies, computers and music.
Microsoft First Generation

Cheryl Tsang

Wiley, 2000


How did Microsoft really get cranked up? Take it from twelve people who were there: late hours, competitive colleagues, demanding bosses and a cutthroat office environment — but, hey, it worked.