Dealing with Intercultural Conflict

How to adjust your assumptions so you can work with anyone, from anywhere (in other words, where they come from it's rude to be early to a meeting).

When Teams Collide

Richard D. Lewis

Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2012


Sprechen Sie Spanglish? Polyglot language issues are just one of the challenges facing multinational teams.
Conflict Across Cultures

Michelle Lebaron and Venashri Pillay

Intercultural Press, 2006


Intercultural conflicts often seem intractable – but they don't have to be. This book explains why.
Bridging the Culture Gap

Chris Fox and Penny Carté

Kogan Page, 2004


Don't fall into the gap while trying to bridge cultures. Instead, listen, learn, look and beware of misunderstandings.
Cultural Intelligence

Brooks Peterson

Intercultural Press, 2004


To work well with those from other societies, build your cultural intelligence. Learn what to do, how to do it and why.