Here’s some food for thought about today’s food industry. But be warned: Some facts might give you a stomachache.

The End of Plenty

Joel K. Bourne Jr

W.W. Norton, 2015


Compelling report on agriculture and food security says 33% of food is trashed while hunger persists.
40 Chances

Howard G. Buffett and Howard W. Buffett

Simon & Schuster, 2013


Howard G. Buffett, American farmer, philanthropist and corporate scion, explores ways to end food insecurity.
The Hunger-Makers


Foodwatch © 2011, 2011


When investors speculate and drive up food prices, a billion people could go hungry.
Behind the Kitchen Door

Saru Jayaraman

Cornell UP, 2013


How restaurants treat the people who pack, cook and serve your food affects everything you eat.