Fundraising for Nonprofits

How to solicit donations – and how to get them. Whether your nonprofit saves the whales, feeds the hungry or boosts the ballet, you can move money from donors' pockets to your budget if you just know how to ask.

The Dragonfly Effect

Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith

Jossey-Bass, 2010


When you use social media to advance your cause, amazing things can happen.
More Than Just Money

Allen J. Proctor

LMM Press, 2010


Nonprofits can enjoy the best of both worlds by being businesslike while they pursue their mission.
The Ask

Laura Fredricks

Jossey-Bass, 2006


A proven methodology exists to ask people to give money to your nonprofit...and then to ask them again.
Essential Principles for Fundraising Success

G. Douglass Alexander and Kristina J. Carlson

Jossey-Bass, 2005


Asking people for money is hard, even for a great cause. Let this practical approach to fundraising make it much easier.