Great Strategists of History

If you are facing some big business battles, just think of Alexander. Or, better yet, Attila.

Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun

Wess Roberts

Warner Books, 1985


A guide to how real leaders stand out from the horde when everyone else is acting like a barbarian.
Lincoln on Leadership

Donald T. Phillips

Warner Books, 1993


If you could sit down and discuss leadership with anyone in history, who would you summon? How about Abraham Lincoln?
Sun Tzu and the Art of Business

Mark McNeilly

Oxford UP, 1996


What can a sage who lived 1,600 years ago tell you about the battlefield that is your business? Only how to minimize casualties, exploit your opponents’ weaknesses and strengthen your own character in the process.
Clausewitz on Strategy

Christopher Bassford et al.

Wiley, 2001


You can’t get Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz to lead your troops, but you can learn how he made war.