If you`re not working with India now, you soon will be. Here`s your homework.

Imagining India

Nandan Nilekani

Penguin Group (USA), 2009


An entrepreneur with a seminal role in India’s economic resurgence reveals his nation’s promise and peril.
India Inc.

Vikas Pota

Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2010


India, with 1.2 billion educable strivers, is fast on the move. The rest of the world had better make room.
In Spite of the Gods

Edward Luce

Doubleday Broadway, 2007


Witnessing the transformation: A thought-provoking, first-hand journalistic exploration of India.
Bangalore Tiger

Steve Hamm

McGraw-Hill, 2006


A former vegetable oil company in India has turned global commerce upside-down.