Delve into risk management. The insurance companies can`t live without it.

Investment Management for Insurers

David F. Babbel and Frank J. Fabozzi

Wiley, 1999


You may think you are an insider in insurance company corporate finance, but if you want to take the final exam, here is your textbook — an entire faculty of experts wrote it just for you.
Insurance From Underwriting to Derivatives

Eric Briys and François de Varenne

Wiley, 2001


Investments in European and U.S. insurance are just as safe and predictable as the next earthquake, but there is major money to be made before the ground begins to tremble. Here’s how the pros figure out what’s shaking.
The Art of Risk Management

Christopher L. Culp

Wiley, 2002


Initials aren’t the only reason that alternative risk transfer products are called ART. The real art resides in knowing how to use them to manage risk and make money.
Integrating Corporate Risk Management

Prakash Shimpi

Thomson Texere, 1999


Risk: the lifeblood of opportunity and the specter of ruin.