Intellectual Property

Ahoy, warning: pirates ahead. Are your proprietary assets, from inventions to logos, well protected from thieves and copy-cats? Sail on for the complete update on trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.

Harvesting Intangible Assets

Andrew J. Sherman

AMACOM, 2011


Approach your business the way farmers approach their land and crops.
The Gridlock Economy

Michael Heller

Basic Books, 2008


Ownership gone overboard: the solutions to creative stalemate.
Inside the Patent Factory

Donal O'Connell

Wiley, 2008


Innovation is so important these days that your organization needs not only a factory but also a Patent Creation Factory.
Copyright Plain & Simple

Cheryl Besenjak

Career Press, 2001


If you write it, it is yours. That’s your copyright. Here’s the rest of the explanation (and that’s copyrighted, too).