Marketing to Women

Getting female customers to commit.


Bonnie Ulman and Sal Kibler

Paramount, 2013


The post-recession American female consumer is highly skeptical, fickle, resourceful and value-conscious.
What Women Want

Paco Underhill

Simon & Schuster, 2010


It’s no longer a “man’s world.” Women are reshaping every market segment – here’s how.
The 85% Niche

Miriam Muléy

Paramount, 2009


You should be marketing to and hiring women of color. The numbers tell you why.
Trillion-Dollar Moms

Bonnie W. Ulman and Maria T. Bailey

Kaplan Publishing, 2005


To tap into mothers` lucrative budgets, appeal to the roles moms play at home, on the playground and in the boardroom.