Negotiating for Salespeople

When you sit down to bargain, here`s how to stand up a winner.

A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating

Molly Fletcher

McGraw-Hill, 2014


Learn how to connect with the other side, confidently ask for what you want and succeed in any negotiation.
B2B Street Fighting

Brian J. Dietmeyer

Think! Inc., 2011


Plan your negotiations with care, and you can predict 97% of what the other side will say or do.
250 Sales Questions To Close The Deal

Stephan Schiffman

Adams Media , 2005


Every sales question you ask streamlines the process, focusing you relentlessly on your ultimate goal: closing the deal.
The Negotiation Toolkit

Roger J. Volkema

AMACOM, 1999


Negotiating Rule #1: Let the other party know that you can help them, or hurt them.