Outsourcing Solutions

Should you delegate your company's routine processes to an outside company, these reads will provide you with useful information.

Business Process Outsourcing

Rick L. Click and Thomas N. Duening

Wiley, 2004


How you can use business process outsourcing to become more cost-efficient.
The Outsourcing Handbook

Mark J. Power et al.

Kogan Page, 2006


Looking outward: A how-to guide that covers the basics of outsourcing.

Thomas M. Koulopoulos and Tom Roloff

Platinum Press, 2006


Doing outsourcing right can lead to – surprise – hiring more employees. And that`s just one bonus with "Smartsourcing."
Outsourcing the Sales Function

Erin Anderson and Bob Trinkle

Thomson South-Western, 2005


Could you drop your in-house sales force and use outside reps? Here are some good reasons to ponder it. (Sorry, guys.)