Performance Appraisals

What the task bosses hate most can be a very effective personnel management tool – once you know how to use it.

The Essential Performance Review Handbook

Sharon Armstrong

Career Press, 2010


The performance review is a perfect tool for retaining your best talent.
Competency-Based Performance Reviews

Robin Kessler

Career Press, 2008


How to evaluate employees in a way that improves their performance and aligns their work with your goals.
How to Make Performance Evaluations Really Work

Glenn Shepard

Wiley, 2005


Handle performance evaluations poorly and risk a lawsuit, but do them well and everyone benefits.
Stress-Free Performance Appraisals

Madelyn Appelbaum and Sharon Armstrong

Career Press, 2003


Looking forward to your next performance appraisal? Of course not…and you’re the supervisor! Here’s how to make it better.