Best of Sam Walton

How a steady man who executed a big idea made one small discount store in rural America into the most dominant retail chain on earth


Bryan Roberts and Natalie Berg

Kogan Page, 2012


How a little discount store in Bentonville, Arkansas, took over the world of retailing.
Made in America

Sam Walton and John Huey

Doubleday Broadway, 1992


Wal-Mart is retailing’s Goliath. Was that Sam’s plan? In his own words, here’s how he changed the global face of shopping.
The 10 Rules of Sam Walton

Michael Bergdahl and Rob Walton

Wiley, 2006


Sam Walton was an "uncommon common man" who became the world’s most successful entrepreneur. Find out how he did it.
The Wal-Mart Way

Don Soderquist

Thomas Nelson, 2005


Get the full indoctrination into Wal-Mart`s approach and the strategy it used to become the globe`s largest retailer.