What is it worth?

The MBA Reality Check

Evan Forster and David Thomas

Prentice Hall Press, 2010


What would you do to get into a great MBA program? Would you look into your soul?
Rethinking the MBA

Srikant Datar et al.

Harvard Business Review Press, 2010


Have you ever wondered what the best MBA programs are like – and what they could and should be like?
Outsmart the MBA Clones

Dan Herman

Paramount, 2008


Outwit the think-alike M.B.A. grads in marketing and strategy. Compete with them on your terms, not theirs.
The 12-Hour MBA Program

Milo Sobel

FT Prentice Hall, 1993


Did you ever think you could learn enough for an MBA in one book? Well, you can’t, but this gives it an earnest shot.