Biographies of the giants of industry show how they rose to the very top, what they did to stay there and just how ruthlessly they did it.

High Financier

Niall Ferguson

Penguin Group (USA), 2011


Siegmund Warburg helped rebuild Europe after World War II, changed the course of international finance and built one of the 20th century’s most powerful banking empires.
The First Tycoon

T.J. Stiles

Knopf, 2009


Commodore Vanderbilt’s 19th-century robber baron fortune would be worth $147 billion today. Just how did he earn it?
Asian Godfathers

Joe Studwell

Atlantic Monthly Press, 2007


Southeast Asian tycoons prosper with government-approved monopolies in an economic system that looks open and is closed tight.
Andrew Carnegie

David Nasaw

Penguin, 2006


Meet "Saint" Andrew Carnegie in the first historically thorough biography of the robber-baron philanthropist.