Unique Corporate Cultures

What has a stronger personality than innovative corporate founders? The fast-moving companies they create.

Living Proof

Adam von Gootkin

Career Press, 2015


An entrepreneur explains how he cultivated a market for an unlikely luxury item: moonshine whiskey.
Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility

Reed Hastings

Netflix © 2009, 2009


No rules used to mean anarchy. At Netflix, it means success.
The Facebook Effect

David Kirkpatrick

Simon & Schuster, 2010


If the current trend continues, one day everyone on the internet will have a Facebook page. Don’t be the last.
None of Us Is as Good as All of Us

Patricia Sowell Harris

Wiley, 2009


With 1.6 million workers at 32,000 restaurants worldwide, McDonald is – deliberately – as diverse as a company can get.