Winning Job Interview

What to ask, what to answer, how to survive and how to get hired.

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook

Paul J. Bailo

Career Press, 2013


How to excel in a digital interview – which may be the only way to ensure you’ll get a face-to-face interview.
Top Notch Executive Interviews

Katharine Hansen

Career Press, 2009


Most job seekers endure just one interview to get hired. Executive candidates must ace many more encounters. Learn how.
Acing the Interview

Tony Beshara

AMACOM, 2008


It’s not always the answers you give at a job interview that get you hired. Often it’s the questions you ask.
Knock 'Em Dead 2002

Martin Yate

Adams Media , 2002


It’s inevitable: the job interviewer is going to hit you with that final zapper of a question. Read here to turn closing questions into open doors.