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The Value of getAbstract for Authors and Publisher

getAbstract is the most direct and effective way to market business books to business people.

getAbstract works together with small, medium and enterprise-sized companies and recommends selected titles to their (combined) 10 million plus employees. Every week, we deliver thousands of book recommendations to these millions of business professionals, directly to their in-boxes.

Since getAbstract recommends only outstanding titles, you are guaranteed a positive marketing effect. To encourage spontaneous purchases – getAbstract’s book recommendations are linked to and getAbstract’s subscribers purchase an average of six business books per year (as opposed to two books per year for non-subscribing corporate executives).

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Books purchased in past year due to getAbstract summaries

10.3% of read abstracts result in a book purchase. 19.7% of book purchases are triggered as a consequence of abstracts having been read.

We regularly present your titles to our client base of professionals using the following tools:

  • Weekly recommendations emailed to subscribers according to their self-defined areas of interest.
  • Promotion on company intranets as “Book of the Week,” “Book of the Month” or as part of a suggested reading list.
  • Ongoing representation on our website.

Are you a self-published author looking to achieve greater exposure for your work? By partnering with getAbstract, selected authors will benefit from our push email recommendations exposing these new titles to audiences hungry for fresh ideas that expand their intellectual horizons.

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Rigorous Selection Criteria

More than 10,000 business books are published each year. We start delving into them by working with our publishing partners to screen upcoming titles, and to request books and information thereby enabling us to evaluate several thousand titles. We seek the highest-quality, most relevant publications across a comprehensive spectrum of business interests.

Partnerships - Our publishing partners send us regular updates on future titles as well as their latest catalogues. We also attend book fairs in Europe and North America to keep up-to-date on new releases of relevant business books.

Range - We consider all books that are relevant to business, from sales and marketing to strategy and management to career and personal development.

Rigorous Selection - If a book passes the initial screening, we give it a preliminary read. We use a rigorous peer-review process to assign a 1-10 rating to each book. We base our ratings on three criteria:

  • Applicability – How easily can you apply the book’s ideas to your daily business operations?
  • Innovation – Are the book’s ideas new, or does the book offer new perspectives on existing ideas?
  • Style – How clear, savvy and concise is the book?

We select business books that provide practical relevance, a high degree of innovation and style. We award marks for fresh thinking, readability and a hands-on approach. We deduct marks for jargon, hackneyed ideas and overly academic concepts. To ensure the quality and relevance of our content, only books that earn an overall rating of five or higher pass our initial rigorous selection and are then considered for a summary. Once we have selected a title for the getAbstract library, we start securing the rights holder’s permission to create a summary. We do this for each and every title.

What Authors and Publishers Say About getAbstract

“I noticed that my sales rank on Amazon improved on the day the getAbstract review appeared.”    
Mark Weiner, author of Unleashing the Power of PR

getAbstract’s media partnerships place your titles in front of millions of businesspeople.

Our close cooperation with more than 800 international publishing partners, as well as our continuous screening of several thousand business titles every year, has made getAbstract the undisputed authority in the field of compressed business knowledge.
Consequently, several prestigious media outlets – including The Washington Post, Shanghai Daily, Forbes Mexico, Revista Líderes and Vedomosti – have asked getAbstract to supply reviews and ranking lists of business books for publication within their magazines and newspapers.

getAbstract enjoys a strong relationship with each of our publishing partners, whose commitment to us is a testament to the success and efficacy of our approach to book marketing. Our publishing partners demonstrate their satisfaction with us by continuing to use our unique marketing method. Our circle of partners grows each year as more publishers recognize the value that getAbstract brings to their marketing strategies.

Additionally, many authors contact getAbstract directly; they appreciate that getAbstract offers an outstanding marketing platform for their publications.

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getAbstract is just as passionate about writing and publishing as you are. We consider only the best, most relevant books.

List of Publishing Houses

A & O des Wissens, Basel Switzerland
A&C Black, London United Kingdom
A. Francke Verlag, Tübingen Germany
A.T. Kearney, Zurich Switzerland
ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara United States
Academia Verlag, St. Augustin Germany
Academic Press, Oxford United Kingdom
Adams Media , Avon, MA United States
Addison-Wesley, New York United States
Addison-Wesley Verlag, München Germany
adeo Verlag, Asslar Germany
Afra Verlag, Butzbach Germany
AGATE Publishing, Evanston, IL United States
Agile Sensei Consulting, Dublin Ireland
Albatros, Mannheim Germany
Albrecht Knaus Verlag, München Germany
Alexander Fest Verlag, Reinbek Germany
Alienta, Barcelona Spain
Alisio, Paris France
All Points Books, New York United States
Allegria, Berlin Germany
Allen Lane, London United Kingdom
allesimfluss-Verlag, Staufen Germany
Allison & Busby, London United Kingdom
AMACOM, Nashville United States
Amat Editorial, Barcelona Spain
Amazon Publishing, New York United States
Amber-Allen Publishing, San Rafael, CA United States
ambition verlag, Berlin Germany
American Bar Association, Washington DC United States
American Enterprise Institute, Washington United States
Amistad, New York United States
Anagrama Ediciones, SLU., Barcelona Spain
Anchor Books, New York United States
Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City United States
Andy Storch, X
Ankerherz Verlag GmbH, Hollenstedt Germany
Antoni Bosch Editor, Barcelona Spain
Anwaltsrevue, Bern Switzerland
Applewood Books, Bedford, MA United States
Apress, Heidelberg Germany
Arcade Publishing, New York United States
Argon Verlag GmbH, Berlin Germany
Argument Verlag, Hamburg Germany
Ariel, Barcelona Spain
Ariston Verlag, München Germany
Arpa Editores, Barcelona Spain
Artemis & Winkler, Mannheim Germany
Artmed Editora, Porto Alegre Brazil
ASQ Quality Press, Milwaukee, WI United States
ASTD Publications, Alexandria, VA United States
ATD Publications, Alexandria, VA United States
Atlantic Books, London United Kingdom
Atlantic Monthly Press, New York United States
Atlas Books, New York United States
Auerbach Publications, New York United States
Aufbau Taschenbuch, Berlin Germany
Aurinia Verlag, Hamburg Germany
Aurum Press, London United Kingdom
Authority Press, Alpharetta, GA United States
AVANCE Verlag, Uffing Germany
Avery, New York United States
Back Bay Books, New York United States
Baker Publishing Group, Ada United States
Ballantine Publishing Group, New York United States
Baltika Press, NN United States
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Washington, D.C. 20577 United States
Bank-Verlag Medien GmbH, Köln Germany
Bantam, New York United States
Bantam Dell Books, New York United States
Bard Press, Austin, TX United States
Basic Books, Cambridge United States
Bastei Lübbe, Köln Germany
Beacon Press, Boston United States
Beaufort Books, New York United States
BeBooks, Metz France
Belknap Press, Cambridge United States
Beltz Verlagsgruppe, Weinheim Germany
BenBella Books, Dallas, TX United States
Beobachter Buchverlag, Zürich Switzerland
Bergli Books, Basel Switzerland
Berkley, New York United States
Berlin Verlag, Berlin Germany
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., Oakland, CA United States
Bertelsmann Stiftung, Gütersloh Germany
Betriebswirtschaftliche Mandantenbetreuung, München Germany
Bibliomotion, Brookline, MA United States
BILANZ, Zürich Switzerland
Bildung und Wissen Verlag, Nürnberg Germany
Birkhäuser Verlag AG, Basel/Frankfurt Switzerland
Bisel Consulting, Zürich Switzerland
Black Rose Writing, Castroville United States
Blended Value Group Press, New York United States
Bloomberg Press, Hoboken, NJ United States
Bloomberg Press, Weinheim Germany
Bloomsbury, London United Kingdom
Bloomsbury Press, New York United States
Bloomsbury Sigma, United States
Bloomsbury USA, New York United States
Blue Rider Press, New York United States
Blumenbar, Berlin Germany
Boao Forum for Asia, Beijing China
Böhlau Verlag, Köln Germany
Bookman Editora, Porto Alegre Brazil
Books4Success, Kulmbach Germany
Börsenbuchverlag, Kulmbach Germany
Börsenmedien, Kulmbach Germany
Börsenverlag AG, Rosenheim Germany
Brandeis University Press , Lebanon United States
Braumüller GmbH, Wien Austria
Broadway Books, New York United States
Brookings Institution, United States
Brookings Institution Press, Washington United States
Brown Books Publishing Group, United States
Brunnen Verlag GmbH, Giessen Germany
btb Verlag, München Germany
BUBOK, Madrid Spain
Büchner-Verlag, Marburg Germany
Buchverlag Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ Libro), Zürich Switzerland
Buchwerft Verlag, Neumünster Germany
Bundesanzeiger Verlag, Köln Germany
Business Expert Press, United States
Business Innovation Factory, Providence United States
Business Plus, New York United States
BusinessVillage GmbH, Göttingen Germany
Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford United Kingdom
C. Bertelsmann Verlag, München Germany
C. H. Beck, München Germany
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge United Kingdom
Campus Verlag, Frankfurt Germany
Canbury Press, London United Kingdom
Capstone, Oxford United Kingdom
Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ United States
Carl Hanser Verlag, München Germany
Carl Link Kommunalverlag, Köln Germany
Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag, Heidelberg Germany
Carlsen, Hamburg Germany
Catapult, unknown United States
Cato Institute, Washington United States
Celadon Books, New York United States
Celebra, New York United States
Celestial Arts, New York United States
Cengage Learning, Florence, KY United States
Center Street, New York United States
CEP Europäische Verlagsanstalt, Hamburg Germany
CEP Press, Atlanta, GA United States
Changemakers Books, Alresford United Kingdom
Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction, Vermont United States
Chinese University Press, Shatin, New Territories Hong Kong
Chiron Associates, Inc., New York United States
CITIC Press, Beijing China
Citigroup, New York United States
Clerisy Press , Covington, Kentucky United States
Clyde Bank Media, Albany United States
CO.IN. Medien, Wiesbaden Germany
Coffee House Press, Minneapolis United States
Collins, London United Kingdom
Columbia Business School Publishing, New York United States
Columbia University Press, New York United States
Companhia das Letras, São Paulo Brazil
Compendio Bildungsmedien, Zürich Switzerland
Constable & Robinson, London United Kingdom
ConvertKit, Boise United States
Conzett Verlag, Zürich Switzerland
Cool Blue Media, New York United States
Cornell UP, Ithaca, NY United States
Cornelsen Scriptor, Mannheim Germany
CORPUS, Moscow Russian Federation
Cosimo Books, New York United States
Cosmos Verlag AG, Muri bei Bern Switzerland
CRC Press, New York United States
CreateSpace, Hamburg Germany
CreateSpace, London United Kingdom
Crossing Press, New York United States
Crown Publishing Group, New York United States
Currency, New York United States
Current, New York United States
Custom House, New York United States
Da Capo Press, Cambridge United States
DATAKONTEXT Fachverlag, Frechen Germany
Dave Chase, Atlanta United States
David Forman, San Diego United States
Davies-Black Publishing, Boston United States
De Gruyter, Berlin Germany
Delacorte Press, New York United States
Dell, New York United States
Delphinium Books, New York United States
Deusto, Barcelona Spain
Deuticke, Wien Austria
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, München Germany
Deutscher Fachverlag, Frankfurt Germany
Deutscher Klassiker Verlag, Berlin Germany
Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag, Stuttgart Germany
Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag, Wiesbaden Germany
Deutscher Wirtschaftsdienst, Köln Germany
Dey Street, New York United States
Diateino, Paris France
Die Andere Bibliothek, Berlin Germany
die.agilen GmbH, München Germany
die.agilen GmbH, München Germany
Dike Verlag, Zürich Switzerland
Diogenes Verlag, Zürich Switzerland
Diversion Books, New York United States
Domino Project, New York United States
Dorling Kindersley, London United Kingdom
Doubleday, New York United States
Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, New York United States
Droemer, München Germany
dtv Verlagsgesellschaft, München Germany
Duckworth, London United Kingdom
DuMont Buchverlag, Köln Germany
Duncker & Humblot, Berlin Germany
Durban Professionals Press, Australia
Dutton, New York United States
DVS Editora, São Paulo Brazil
Earthscan, Abingdon United Kingdom
Ebury Press, London United Kingdom
Ecco, New York United States
ECOE Ediciones, Bogotá Colombia
Econ Verlag, Berlin Germany
Ecowin Verlag, Salzburg Austria
edition moll, Stuttgart Germany
Edition Olms, Oetwil am See Switzerland
Éditions d'Organisation, Paris France
Editions du tresor cache, Gatineau, Quebec Canada
Éditions Leduc.s, Paris France
Éditions Les Liens qui Libèrent, Paris France
Editions Maxima, Paris France
Éditions Vuibert, Paris France
Editora Ágora, São Paulo Brazil
Editora Atlas, São Paulo Brazil
Editora Belas-Letras, Caxias do Sul Brazil
Editora Évora, São Paulo Brazil
Editora Expressa, São Paulo Brazil
Editora Global Partners, São Paulo Brazil
Editora Integrare, São Paulo Brazil
Editora Saraiva, São Paulo Brazil
Editora SENAC, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Editora Sextante, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Editora UNESP, São Paulo Brazil
Editorial Académica Española, Barcelona Spain
Editorial Contra, Barcelona Spain
Editorial Kairós, Barcelona Spain
Editorial Octaedro, Barcelona Spain
Editorial Planeta, Barcelona Spain
Editorial Reverté, Barcelona Spain
Editorial Sirio, Malaga Spain
Editorial Tébar Flores, Madrid Spain
Editorial Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Bogotá Colombia
EHP – Verlag Andreas Kohlhage, Bergisch Gladbach Germany
Eichborn Verlag, Köln Germany
Element Books Ltd., Shaftesbury United Kingdom
Elevate Publishing, Boise, Idaho United States
Ellert & Richter Verlag, Hamburg Germany
Elsevier Editora, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Elsinor Verlag, Coesfeld Germany
Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley United Kingdom
Empresa Activa, Barcelona Spain
Encounter Books, New York United States
Entrepreneur Press, Irvine, CA United States, Frankfurt Germany
Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin Germany
Europa Verlag, Hamburg Germany
Europa Verlag Berlin, München Germany
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London United Kingdom
European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main Germany
European Commission, Brussels Belgium
European Commission – Eurostat, Luxembourg Belgium
Evolve Publishing, New York United States
expert verlag, Renningen Germany
Eyrolles, Paris France
Faber and Faber Ltd., London United Kingdom
FaithWords, New York United States
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, New York United States
Fastcap Press, Ferndale United States
FastPencil Publishing, West Conshohocken United States
Figure 1 Publishing, Toronto Canada
Financial Times Prentice Hall, Paramus, NJ United States
Financial Times Prentice Hall (Deutschland), München Germany
FinanzBuch Verlag, München Germany
Fireside, New York United States
Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, Frankfurt Germany
Flatiron Books, New York United States
Focal Press, Abingdon United Kingdom
Fourth Estate, London United Kingdom
Frankfurt School Verlag, Frankfurt Germany
Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch, Frankfurt Germany
FranklinCovey Publishing, Salt Lake City, UT United States
Free Press, New York United States
FT Press, Upper Saddle River, NJ United States
FT Publishing, Harlow United Kingdom
G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York United States
GABAL Verlag, Offenbach Germany
Gabler Verlag, Wiesbaden Germany
Galileo Press GmbH, Bonn Germany
Gallery Books, New York United States
Gallup Press, New York United States
Gazelles Inc., Ashburn, VA United States
Gerling Akademie Verlag, München Germany
Gestión 2000, Barcelona Spain
GlobalCCU Publishers, Paris France
Gold Pen Publishing, Carrollton, TX United States
Goldmann Arkana, München Germany
Goldmann Verlag, München Germany
Google Developers, Mountain View United States
Gotham Books, New York United States
Gräfe und Unzer Verlag, München Germany
Graham Hawkins, Melbourne Australia
Grand Central, New York United States
Grand Harbor Press, United States
Granica Editor, Buenos Aires Argentina
Greenleaf Book Group, Austin, TX United States
GreenProfile, London United Kingdom
Grupo Nelson, Nashville United States
Hachette Book Group UK, London United Kingdom
Hachette Book Group USA, New York United States
Hamilton Place Strategies, New York United States
Handelsblatt Fachmedien, Düsseldorf Germany
Hanover Square Press, New York United States
Hanser Berlin, Berlin Germany
Hardie Grant Publishing, Richmond Australia
Hardik Joshi, San Antonio United States
Harlequin, New York United States
Harmony Books, New York United States
Harper, New York United States
Harper Perennial, New York United States
Harper Wave, New York United States
HarperBusiness, New York United States
HarperCollins, New York United States
HarperCollins Canada, Toronto Canada
HarperCollins India, Uttar Pradesh India
HarperCollins Leadership, Nashville United States
HarperOne, New York United States
Harriman House, Petersfield United Kingdom
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA United States
Haufe Verlag, München Germany
Haupt Verlag AG, Bern Switzerland
Hay House Business, New York United States
Hay House UK, London United Kingdom
Hazelden Publishing, Center City United States
Health Rosetta Media, Seattle United States
Helbing & Lichtenhahn Verlag, Basel Switzerland
Henna Inam, USA United States
Henry Holt, New York United States
Herbig, München Germany
Hill and Wang, New York United States
HM Treasury, London United Kingdom
Hodder & Stoughton, London United Kingdom
Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg Germany
Hofstede Insights, Helsinki Finland
Hogrefe, Göttingen Germany
Hogrefe, Bern Switzerland
Hohenheim Verlag, Stuttgart Germany
HOMOSAPIENS, Santa Fe Argentina
Hot Books, New York United States
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, New York United States
HOW Books, New York United States
Howard Books, New York United States
Huber Buchverlag, Frauenfeld Switzerland
Hudson Street Press, New York United States
Humboldt, Hannover Germany
Hurst Publishers, London United Kingdom
Hutchinson, London United Kingdom
Hyperion, New York United States
IARA Consulting, Bogotá Colombia
IBM Press, Indianapolis, IN United States
ICI, London United Kingdom
Icon Books, London United Kingdom
Ideapress Publishing, Washington DC United States
Ignite Press, Seattle United States
Ignite Press, Fresno United States
ILR Press, Ithaca, NY United States
IMF eLibrary, Washington United States
Indicios Editores, Barcelona Spain
Infinite Ideas, Oxford United Kingdom
Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, NC United States
Insel Verlag, Berlin Germany
Institut für Versicherungswirtschaft St. Gallen, St. Gallen Switzerland
Institute for Economics and Peace, New York United States
Intercultural Press, Boston United States
Intermedio Editores, Bogotá Colombia
INTES Akademie für Familienunternehmen, Frankfurt Germany
Irwin Business Publishing, New York United States
ISTE and ASCD, Eugene, Oregon United States
iUniverse, Lincoln, NE United States
J. B. Metzler, Stuttgart Germany
J. Kamphausen Verlag, Bielefeld Germany
J. Ross Publishing, Fort Lauderdale, FL United States
J.M. Bosch Editor, Vallirana, Barcelona Spain
Jeremy P. Tarcher, New York United States
JIC Bookstore, Beijing China
John Hunt Publishing, Alresford United Kingdom
Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore United States
Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard Univer, Cambridge United States
Jonathan Cape, London United Kingdom
Joost Elffers Books, New York United States
Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers, San Francisco, CA United States
Jove, New York United States
Junfermannsche Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH & Co. KG, Paderborn Germany
Kaplan Publishing, New York United States
Karl Blessing Verlag, München Germany
Karl Heinrich Bock Verlag, Bad Honnef Germany
Karl Rauch Verlag, Düsseldorf Germany
Karl-May-Verlag, Bamberg Germany
Katholisches Bibelwerk, Stuttgart Germany
Kein & Aber, Zürich Switzerland
Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Köln Germany
Kindler, Reinbek Germany
Klett-Cotta Verlag, Stuttgart Germany
KMU Verlag HSG, St. Gallen Switzerland
Knaur, München Germany
Knopf Publishing Group, New York United States
Kogan Page Publishers, London United Kingdom
Kohlhammer, Stuttgart Germany
Kommunal- und Schul-Verlag, Wiesbaden Germany
Kösel-Verlag, München Germany
KR Publishing, Bryanston South Africa
Kreuz Verlag, Freiburg Germany
Kröner Verlag, Stuttgart Germany
Krüger Verlag, Frankfurt Germany
La Esfera de los Libros, Madrid Spain
LangenMüller, München Germany
Lean Enterprise Institute, Cambridge United States
Lenos Verlag, Basel Switzerland
Les Editions Un Monde Différent, Québec Canada
Leske + Budrich, Leverkusen Germany
LexisNexis Verlag ARD Orac, Wien Austria
Liang Addison Press, Berkley United States
LID Business Media, London United Kingdom
LID Publishing, London United Kingdom
Linde Verlag, Wien Austria
List Taschenbuch, Berlin Germany
little a, New York United States
Little Brown Book Group (UK), London United Kingdom
Little Leaps Press, Asheville, NC United States
Little, Brown & Company, New York United States
Little, Brown Spark, New York United States
Liveright, New York United States
Lloyd’s, London United Kingdom
Lotos, München Germany
Luchterhand, Köln Germany
Lucius & Lucius Verlagsgesellschaft, Stuttgart Germany
Ludwig Verlag, München Germany
Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama United States
Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama United States
LULU Publishing, Raleigh United States
Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc., Boulder United States
Lyons Press, Lanham, MD United States
M. Books do Brasil Editora, São Paulo Brazil
Major Street Publishing, Victoria Australia
Management Concepts, Vienna, VA United States
Management Impact, Amsterdam Netherlands
managerSeminare Verlag, Bonn Germany
Manesse Verlag, München Germany
Mango Publishing, Coral Gables, FL United States
Manuscriptum Verlag, Warendorf Germany
MANZ Verlag, Wien Austria
Mariner Books, New York United States
Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd, London United Kingdom
Marshall Cavendish, London United Kingdom
Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle Germany
Martin-Luther-Verlag, Erlangen Germany
Matthes & Seitz Berlin, Berlin Germany
Mauritz & Grewe Verlag, Göttingen Germany
Maven House Press, Lambertville United States
Max Niemeyer Verlag, Berlin Germany
Max Schimmel Verlag, Würzburg Germany
McGraw-Hill Education, New York United States
Meier Buchverlag Schaffhausen, Schaffhausen Switzerland
Meiner Verlag, Hamburg Germany
Melville House, New York United States
Mercatus Center, Arlington United States
Merlin Verlag, Gifkendorf Germany
Metropolis-Verlag, Weimar Germany
Metropolitan Books, New York United States
Metropolitan Verlag, Düsseldorf Germany
mi-Wirtschaftsbuch, München Germany
Microsoft Press, Unterschleissheim Germany
Microsoft Press (USA), Redmond, Washington United States
Midas Computer Verlag, Zürich Switzerland
Midas Management Verlag, Zürich Switzerland
Miramax, New York United States
MIT Press, Cambridge, MA United States
MIT Sloan Management Review, Cambridge, MA United States
Mitp-Verlag, München Germany
Modern Library, New York United States
Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen Germany
Molden Verlag, Wien Austria
Motivational Press, Carlsbad United States
Murmann Verlag, Hamburg Germany
mvg verlag, München Germany
Nagel & Kimche, Zürich Switzerland
NARCEA Ediciones, Madrid Spain
Nation Books, Cambridge United States
Nature, London United Kingdom
Nelson Books, Nashville United States
Nelson Parker, Millis, MA United States
Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, Wien Austria
New American Library, New York United States
New English Review Press, Nashville, TN United States
New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, CA United States
New Page Books, Franklin Lakes, NJ United States
New Riders, San Francisco United States
New World Library, Novato, CA United States
New York Fed, New York United States
Nicholas Brealey Publishing, London United Kingdom
Nikol Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG, Hamburg Germany
Nomos, Baden-Baden Germany
Nomos/Edition Reinhard Fischer, Baden-Baden Germany
North Point Press, New York United States
NYU Press, New York United States
NZZ und FAZ, Zurich Switzerland
O. C. Tanner Institue, Salt Lake City United States
OECD, Paris France
oekom verlag, München Germany
Oesch Verlag AG, Zürich Switzerland
Ohio University Press, Athens OH United States
Old Street Publishing, London United Kingdom
Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Germany
Oldtown Publishing, Johns Island United States
Olzog Verlag, München Germany
Oneworld, London United Kingdom
OR Books, New York United States
orell füssli Verlag AG, Zürich Switzerland
Oscar Cardenas y Javier García, Bogotá Colombia
Other Press, New York United States
Ott Verlag, Bern Switzerland
Otto Schmidt Verlag, Köln Germany
Ouray Mills Publishing, Redlands, CA United States
Owl Books, New York United States
Oxford University Press (UK), Oxford United Kingdom
Oxford University Press (USA), New York United States
Oxford World’s Classics, Oxford United Kingdom
O’Reilly, Heidelberg Germany
O’Reilly Media, Sebastopol, US United States
Paidós Iberica Ediciones, Barcelona Spain
Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire United Kingdom
Pan Macmillan, Illovo South Africa
Panorama Editorial, Mexico City Mexico
Pantheon Books, New York United States
Pantheon Verlag, München Germany
Para Dummies, Barcelona Spain
Paradigm Publishers, Boulder United States
Paramount Market Publishing, Ithaca, NY United States
Patmos Verlag, Ostfildern Germany
Pattloch, München Germany
Paul Carroll, Amy Radin, Short Hills United States
Paul Zsolnay Verlag, Wien Austria
Paulist Press, Mahwah United States
Paulusverlag, Fribourg Switzerland
Pear Press, Seattle United States
Pearson Education Deutschland, München Germany
Pearson Education Limited, Harlow United Kingdom
Pearson France, Montreuil France
Pelican Publishing Company, Gretna, LA United States
Pendo Verlag, München Germany
Penguin, London United Kingdom
Penguin, New York United States
Penguin Books, London United Kingdom
Penguin Books, London United Kingdom
Penguin Press, New York United States
Penguin Random House Australia, Sydney Australia
Penguin Random House Canada, Toronto Canada
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial México, Mexico City Mexico
Penguin Random House India, New Dehli India
Penguin Two, New York United States
Penguin-Verlag, München Germany
Perigee, New York United States
Perseus Books, Cambridge, MA United States
Personal Branding Press, Santa Ana, CA United States
Peter Lang Verlag, Pieterlen Switzerland
Pfeiffer, Hoboken, NJ United States
Phaidon Verlag GmbH, Berlin Germany
PHEI Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Beijing China
Piatkus Books, London United Kingdom
Picador, New York United States
Pimco, Newport Beach United States
Piper Verlag, München Germany
Planeta Estratégia, São Paulo Brazil
Plassen Verlag, Kulmbach Germany
Plataforma Editorial, Barcelona Spain
Plataforma Empresa, Barcelona Spain
Platinum Press, Avon, MA United States
Plume, New York United States
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Pluto Press, London United Kingdom
Pocket Books, New York United States
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Polity Press, Cambridge United Kingdom
Portfolio, New York United States
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Praeger, Santa Barbara United States
Pragmatic Bookshelf, Raleigh, NC United States
PRAXIUM-Verlag, Zürich Switzerland
Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River United States
Prentice Hall Direct, Paramus, NJ United States
Prentice Hall Press, New York United States
Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ United States
Principium, São Paulo Brazil
Productivity Press, New York United States
Profile Books, London United Kingdom
Profit Editorial, Barcelona Spain
Project Management Institute, Newtown Square, PA United States
Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY United States
Propyläen Verlag, Berlin Germany
PS Principles, null United States
Public Affairs, Cambridge United States
Publicis, Erlangen Germany
Puddledancer Press, Encinitas United States
QUE Publishing, Indianapolis United States
Ramon Costa, USA United States
Rand Corporation, Santa Monica United States
Random House, New York United States
Random House, Inc., New York United States
Rare Bird Books, Los Angeles United States
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Ruka Press, Washington DC United States
Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick United States
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Sarah Crichton Books, New York United States
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Springer Nature, Heidelberg Germany
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St. Martin’s Griffin, New York United States
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Stämpfli Verlag, Bern Switzerland
Stanford University Press, Palo Alto, CA United States
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Tendencias, Barcelona Spain
TestAgency, xy Switzerland
The Art Of Productivity, United States
The Indigo Press, London United Kingdom
The New Press, New York United States
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Thomson Texere, Mason, OH United States
Three Rivers Press, New York United States
Threshold Editions, New York United States
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Times Books, New York United States
Times Business, New York United States
TOC Institute, Heppenheim Germany
Toister Performance Solutions,
Touchstone, New York United States
Towards Maturity, United Kingdom
Transworld, London United Kingdom
tredition, Hamburg Germany
Trilha das Letras, São Paulo Brazil
Tullett Prebon, London United Kingdom
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Ullstein Verlag, Berlin Germany
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United Nations, New York United States
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US Monetary Policy Forum, Washington United States
US Treasury, Washington United States
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Vahlen Verlag, München Germany
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vdf Hochschulverlag AG an der ETH Zürich, Zürich Switzerland
Verlag Antje Kunstmann, München Germany
Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien Austria
Verlag der Weltreligionen, Berlin Germany
Verlag Herder, Freiburg Germany
Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, Mainz Germany
Verlag Industrielle Organisation, Zürich Switzerland
Verlag Klaus Bittermann, Berlin Germany
Verlag Königshausen & Neumann, Würzburg Germany
Verlag Neue Wirtschafts-Briefe, Herne Germany
Verlag Wirtschaft und Finanzen, Stuttgart Germany
Veronika Hucke, USA United States
Verso Books, Brooklyn United States
Versus Verlag, Zürich Switzerland
Victory Belt Publishing Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada United States
Vidalia House Publishing, Kiew Ukraine
Vier-Türme-Verlag, Münsterschwarzach Germany
Vieweg + Teubner, Wiesbaden Germany
Vieweg Verlag, Wiesbaden Germany
Viking, New York United States
Village Mondial, Paris France
Villard, New York United States
Vintage Books, New York United States
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Viva Editions, Berkeley CA United States
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W.W. Norton, New York United States
Wachholtz Verlag, Hamburg Germany
Walhalla Fachverlag, Regensburg Germany
Walker & Company, New York United States
Warner Books, Inc., New York United States
Wellcome Collection, London United Kingdom
Westend Verlag, Frankfurt Germany
Westview Press, Cambridge, MA United States
Wharton Digital Press – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA United States
Wharton School Press, Philadelphia United States
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Whitefox, London United Kingdom
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William Morrow, New York United States
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Wirtschaftsverlag Carl Ueberreuter GmbH, Frankfurt Germany
WOCHENSCHAU Verlag, Frankfurt Germany
Workman Publishing Company, New York United States
World Bank, Washington United States
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World Trade Press, Novato, CA United States
Wrightbooks, Richmond Australia
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Wunderlich Verlag, Hamburg Germany
Xanthippe Verlag, Zürich Switzerland
Xing SE, Hamburg Germany
Yale University Press, New Haven United States
Yellow Kite, London
Zahar, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Zed Books, London United Kingdom
Zero Books, United Kingdom
ZIEL Verlag, Augsburg Germany
Zik, São Paulo Brazil
Zondervan, Grand Rapids United States
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Zukunftsinstitut, Kelkheim Germany
Zytglogge Verlag, Oberhofen Switzerland
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АСТ, Moscow Russian Federation
Добрая книга, Moscow Russian Federation
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Олимп-Бизнес, Moscow Russian Federation
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中信出版社, Beijing China
中国人民大学出版社, Beijing China
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