Understand the change process

Change is a fact of life. Your company probably engages in multiple change initiatives that require you to alter the way you work and adopt new skills. Learn about the six-step "Change Cycle".


Build a positive mindset

It's never too late to master new skills. Fear of failure is one of the most powerful obstacles to managing change effectively. Learn how to adopt a positive mindset and strengthen your failure tolerance.


Collaborate with your colleagues

Good collaboration is power. In stressful times of change, it helps to shift from "me" to "we" and follow the principles of collaboration.


Engage in open and honest conversations

In times of uncertainty, many people opt to turn inward. Yet avoiding debates deprives individuals of the opportunity to engage with new ideas and hit upon solutions they might not have found by sticking with their preconceived notions.


Stick to your personal goals and values

When confronted with change, don't lose track of your personal goals. Learn how to react to change in ways that will nurture your sense of value and dignity.