Define a Higher Purpose

Harness the innate human need to work with others toward a higher purpose. If your task at hand requires teamwork, invest the time and energy necessary to build and nourish a team of highly motivated individuals.


Build Social Capital

Collaborative teams with high levels of social capital produce better results than high-performing superstars. Nurturing bonds between co-workers builds social capital, which multiplies with time as team members establish trust.


Promote Boldness

Too much team harmony kills creativity and stifles performance. During the teambuilding stage, occasional conflicts present opportunities to air disagreements and move on. Aim at building a team that is "bold" by helping members grow, change and perform.


Favour Diversity

Increased team diversity results in better decision making. Leaders can leverage diversity's potential by developing "cultural intelligence" and fostering trust among their people.


Leverage the Personal Strengths of Individual Team Members

Shared goals and dreams make great teams possible. Yet great teams also know how to exploit the personal strengths of individual team members and compensate for personal deficiencies.