Artificial Intelligence

Self-taught machines are seeping into our daily lives with astonishing speed. Whether it's robots, language processing or computer vision, the possible applications of AI are endless. Learn how to strategically apply AI to build a prosperous future.


Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving technology will save lives and help the environment, but will also pose new legal, ethical and economic challenges. Driverless cars will destroy some jobs but will also make human society more mobile. Find out about the road ahead.


Big Data

In today's Information Age, everything is tracked and digitized. Companies that use data selectively, analyze them wisely and apply them to improve their decision making will gain a competitive advantage over those that don't.


3D Printing

3D printers will revolutionize various professional fields: They can fabricate intricate, high-resolution structures, such as architectural prototypes, medical implants, prostheses or complex engine components. Scientists are even experimenting with printing and layering human cells to develop body organs.



Will blockchain bring down traditional financial institutions and narrow the global wealth gap? Blockchain is indeed a potentially powerful force, but the hype is overstated. Learn about the technology's potential and risk.