Embrace Change

To begin, face change rationally and honestly, without denial. Put aside passivity and establish the objective reasons for change. Once you’ve identified your reasoning, figure out your next steps.

Develop a Positive Mindset

The ability to adapt to new processes, circumstances or ways of thinking is fundamental to your success. You can reframe the sense of discomfort about change by changing your mind-set. Being aware of the possibilities of change means being awake to the possibilities of your own life. 

Build Courage

Develop the courage to take calculated risks and to change quickly when required. You can learn to act courageously through practice and training. Courage comes through preparation. When you study an issue, build up your knowledge, ask questions and experiment before committing.

Keep Learning

The shelf life of skills, especially technical skills, declines with increasing rapidity. Thus, the ability and willingness to learn takes on greater importance. You can thrive in a fast-changing world by cultivating a curious mind and an openness for experimentation.

Stick to Your Personal Goals and Values

When confronted with change, don't lose track of your personal goals. Learn how to react to change in ways that will nurture your sense of value and dignity.