Tap into the creative potential that lies within you. Take some time, let your ideas flow and transform the best ideas into lasting benefits for your organization.

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Hugh MacLeod

ChangeThis, 2004


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David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace, 5/2005



Jamie Peck

Jamie Peck © 2005, 12/2005



James Clear



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All business organizations, large and small, count on dependability on and consistency from their employees. Managers need to know that their employees capably handle both routine assignments and special projects, and that they complete them within specified deadlines. Everyday tasks and responsibilities are often repetitive and mundane, yet organizations could not function without them.

At the same time, businesses looking to gain or maintain their competitive advantage must be innovative and daring. Creativity is the spark that provides the impetus for a new product, technology or service that can transform an entire industry. Creative ideas enable businesses to move forward. Indeed, companies that have built a reputation for innovation enjoy great respect and admiration.

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Creative thinking doesn’t always come easily, so it’s nice to know that getAbstract can provide a jumping-off point for new ideas and outside-the-box thinking. Our summaries will help you plug into your creative side and provide direction in executing your concepts. You’ll learn how to channel your creativity, fulfill your potential and hopefully take your business to the next level.

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What happens if you’re stuck in a creative rut and can’t come up with a decent idea? No problem. getAbstract is always a valuable resource for an entire range of business topics, including creative thinking. And you don’t have to be at the office to access our library. All you need is a laptop or a handheld device and within seconds you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.