Controlling & Budgeting

Welcome to the world of numbers and reports. Controlling and budgeting are headaches for all enterprises, but they are essential elements of financial planning.

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Max Chafkin and Mark Bergen

Bloomberg Businessweek , 2016


3 days ago


Just Schürmann et al.

Boston Consulting Group, 2015


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Controlling & Budgeting

Whether you’re running an international conglomerate with 10,000 employees or a small-town hardware store, you pay close attention to your financial budget. Budgets are a fundamental component for any organization and figure prominently into the financial well-being of your operation. The budgeting process is complex and must account for multiple components. Even the most skilled and experienced professionals find budgeting and planning a formidable challenge. So it’s reassuring to know that getAbstract’s summaries on controlling and budgeting are a dependable source of information, advice and guidance. We’ll take you through the essentials of accounting and bookkeeping and make sure you’re familiar with financial formulas and terminology. You’ll learn the best methods for putting together a realistic budget that will keep costs under control while generating profits. You’ll have easy access to expert advice on maximizing cash flow and liquidity, structuring employees’ salaries, and accurately measuring results.

Staying Ahead

One of the biggest budgeting challenges – particularly during difficult times – is finding ways to reduce expenses without compromising productivity or damaging employee morale. Solutions to this common dilemma can be found in our skillfully crafted five-page summaries. getAbstract’s writers expertly extract only the most critical information from the best books on budgeting and controlling. Instead of spending precious hours plowing through pages of material, you’ll only need around 10 minutes to read one of our summaries. Considering the importance of controlling and budgeting, you can’t afford to ignore the obvious advantages of utilizing getAbstract. Thousands of our learning partners worldwide can attest to the power of getAbstract.