Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is one of the most important business topics of our time: How can you ensure responsible corporate management? What rights and responsibilities does the board of directors have? How do you monitor compliance? What is the appropriate remuneration structure for your managers?

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Max Chafkin and Mark Bergen

Bloomberg Businessweek , 2016


2 weeks ago

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Corporate Governance

The subject of corporate governance has been in the spotlight since unprecedented corporate fraud rocked the U.S. economy a decade ago. The government and its citizenship pressed for regulatory reform and stricter standards to ensure a higher level of accountability. You’ll find that getAbstract’s summaries on corporate governance issues reflect the expectations of a variety of stakeholders who demand ethical behavior and above board business practices. Multi-faceted topics such as corporate governance illustrate getAbstract’s indisputable value as an ideal learning partner. We break down every component of corporate governance so that you understand an organization’s responsibility to its employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders. You’ll learn the importance of establishing an internal system of checks and balances to ensure operational integrity. getAbstract will help you figure out fair compensation and incentives for executives. You’ll also gain insight into the critical role of boards of directors and how they help shape company culture.

Social Responsibility

Effective corporate governance these days encompasses more than just enforcing a list of self-imposed rules. Corporate governance models now include an awareness of environmental issues and a willingness to become involved in community events and causes. Though profitability remains a company’s primary motivation, getAbstract shows how organizations are expected to embrace their roles as conscientious citizens and community leaders. If you’re looking to establish a corporate governance framework for your organization, then you’ve come to the right place. getAbstract’s summaries offer the expertise and depth of variety you need to put your company on the road to responsibility and success.