If you judge Asian nations on their economic importance alone, China, India and Japan pretty much dominate the continent. getAbstract’s journey through Asia focuses mainly on these three countries.

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Shweta Bajpai et al.

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Despite its standing as the world’s largest and most densely populated continent, Asia traditionally took a backseat in terms of economic influence. But those days are long gone. Business in Asia is booming and China, most notably, has emerged as an economic powerhouse that demands international attention. Not surprisingly, many of our Asian business summaries focus on China’s remarkable growth and its potential to affect the global economy going forward.

getAbstract will show you how a region plagued with soaring poverty nevertheless created prosperity – even in the midst of an economic downturn that devastated many nations. Business development in Asia has empowered millions of middle class workers, brought millions more out of poverty and dramatically boosted Asia’s share of the global gross domestic product. Along with China, India has also taken giant economic steps both domestically and internationally.

All Eyes on China

getAbstract’s summaries not only identify trends and events, but seek to explain cause and effect. You’ll discover how the Chinese business model differs from Western practices, why China’s leaders think differently and what values Chinese citizens embrace. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how China’s strategic approach affects financial and commodity markets worldwide.

Many of our summaries offer rock-solid advice for American firms wishing to introduce their products and services to the vibrant Chinese market. Knowledge is power and capitalizing on business opportunities in Asia demands an informed approach. Discover what thousands of our learning partners already know: establishing a partnership with getAbstract will fortify your competitive advantage.