Knowledge Management

When employees retire or leave your firm, do they take all their knowledge with them? This is a huge risk and expense to your organization. While you can’t force people to stay with your company, you can retain their expertise. Record their wisdom, store it and use it.

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George Musser

Aeon, 7/2016



Doug Miles

AIIM, 2015


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Knowledge Management

Data is available in such overwhelming quantities and from so many sources that it’s impossible to stay ahead. In fact, organizations that lack a formal mechanism for managing their knowledge typically suffer from chronic information overload. But there’s no need to panic. getAbstract’s summaries of the latest knowledge management books certainly can help your company structure its approach to information organization.

Knowledge management training also helps promote a proactive learning environment in which employees benefit from their colleagues’ wisdom and experience. You’ll read about companies that schedule regular meetings in which managers share their accomplishments, failures and strategies. These examples of positive and negative decision-making can guide others in making the right choices. Plus, sharing knowledge on a consistent basis makes learning on-going, improves operational functions and sends a positive message about your corporate culture.

Promote Innovation

Knowledge management training is advantageous on many levels, particularly in promoting innovation. Our summaries will demonstrate how the free exchange of ideas without fear of being reprimanded or ostracized allows for creative thinking. Employees trust that they can take chances and not be penalized if things don’t work out. Your workforce also learns that change is inevitable and doesn’t have to be unpleasant or unsettling. getAbstract proves that innovation and change are two of the most powerful engines that drive success.

Knowledge management doesn’t appear to be a casual option anymore as technological advancements will continue to accelerate the flow of information. If you need to make up ground, getAbstract can help. And if you’ve already embraced knowledge management, we’ll make you even better.