Crisis Management

Another crisis will hit, for sure. You won’t be able to prevent it, but you can prepare for it, overcome it and emerge much stronger from it.

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David F. Larcker and Brian Tayan

Stanford Business, 2016


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Crisis Management

Many companies have no idea how ill-prepared they are to handle a crisis – until an emergency hits. Outdated or overly complicated crisis plans aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on if they can’t help your organization deal with a threatening situation. It’s virtually impossible to prevent a catastrophe, but there’s really no excuse for being unable to cope with the fallout.

There are many types of crises, including natural, technological and social. In getAbstract’s library you’ll find high-quality summaries that address the variety of unpleasant predicaments your business could face. Fortunately, the leading experts in the crisis management field also offer sensible advice and practical solutions to fix your problems and put you back on the right track.

Be Prepared

Like a good Boy Scout, preparation is the key to handling adversity. Formulating a plan that anticipates just about every scenario will instill confidence in you. The same holds true for getAbstract. If you truly want your employees to be prepared for any number of business issues that may surface, then you can’t be without getAbstract. As the world’s largest supplier of business book summaries, we specialize in informal yet meaningful social learning.

Advances in communication and technology occur so rapidly these days that it’s fairly easy to miss out on important information. That’s why getAbstract is such a valuable partner in learning. We add roughly 50 new summaries each month on a multitude of topics, so that you’ll be current with all the new trends.