What’s your tactic: a soft approach or a hard-hitting attack? Successful negotiators leverage both methods. They know that a solution is only effective if both parties benefit from it. Learn how to create win-win situations.

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Adam Galinsky

TED Conferences LLC, 2016


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The ability to negotiate may be more critical in some situations than others. If you’re selling products or services to customers or you’re trying to get the best deal for your company from a vendor, then negotiation skills are critically important. Your negotiation success directly impacts your organization’s bottom line. In certain instances, excellent negotiation skills determine whether you land the better assignment or get to work with the strongest team members.

Some people have a knack for negotiating while others must work harder to develop persuasive techniques. Whether you are a wildly successful salesperson or a new employee afraid of making cold calls, getAbstract’s summaries can add to your negotiation repertoire or provide a badly needed confidence booster.

Finding What Matters Most

One of the big advantages getAbstract offers is the ability for clients to browse through summaries to find the information they need. You may find that some negotiation tips are not applicable in your situation; others that you discover in our library may provide the impetus for meaningful progress and change. The best part is that getAbstract’s five-page summary format is designed to weed out the non-essential stuff and give you only the top highlights.

Two Winners

Regardless of the negotiation tactics you employ, the most favorable outcome is one in which both sides feel victorious. getAbstract’s summaries on negotiation can help you fine-tune your persuasive techniques, resolve conflicts and ultimately create a win-win situation with fewer bruised egos.