Project Management

Who does what, when and how? The chief reason many good ideas fall by the wayside is badly managed implementation. Learn how to direct a project well.

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Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

Talks at Google, 2016


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Project Management

Project management unquestionably is one of the most important responsibilities for any executive or manager. Planning and executing a project or initiative to a successful conclusion is a formidable challenge regardless of your own talent, skill and experience. getAbstract’s summaries focusing on project management help you understand all the steps that can make the process profitable and rewarding.

Big Responsibilities

Project leaders are in charge of orchestrating a multifaceted endeavor that incorporates planning, organizing and managing. Depending on your industry and the size of your operation, your project may include a handful of employees or hundreds of workers across multiple departments. Before launching an initiative, the project manager must determine whether his workforce can competently handle the assignment.

Since projects usually have a specific completion date, you have to ensure that your workforce meets the deadlines along the way and that they execute each stage of the project in the proper sequence. CEOs typically frown on cost overruns, so staying within your budget is another of your primary concerns.

Don’t Go It Alone

Our legion of satisfied subscribers, which includes several Fortune 500 companies, relies on getAbstract to provide insight, guidance and recommendations. Our summaries are chock-full of sensible advice that will improve your chances of realizing your goals and objectives. What’s more, you’ll be warned about the pitfalls of project management from respected business leaders who learned the hard way. 10 minutes is all you need to read a typical summary – and getAbstract’s library boasts hundreds of project management book summaries overflowing with know-how.