Partnerships & Alliances

Who is your perfect match? Who can help drive your organization? In business, apply the same strategies you use for private networking. Build a vast network of alliances to help you get ahead quickly.

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Krystyn Van Vliet

World Economic Forum, 2016


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Bruce Aylward

TED Conferences LLC, 2014



Seth Godin

TED Conferences LLC, 2009


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Partnerships & Alliances

In an increasingly expanding and competitive competitive global marketplace, even the biggest and best companies acknowledge the importance of establishing partnerships and alliances. It’s virtually impossible for any organization to operate independently and still enjoy maximum profitability. Finding the right strategic alliance, though, is a complex process that requires diligent research, assessment and negotiation.

Considering the multifaceted challenges of forming productive business partnerships, it makes sense to take advantage of getAbstract’s knowledge library. You’ll learn how to define your goals, evaluate your needs and assess potential partners. Strategic alliances ideally seek to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. We’ll help you make informed, intelligent decisions that will likely save you a lot of time and money.

Working It Out

One of the most critical components of alliance partnerships is ensuring that employees from both companies understand the arrangement and can successfully integrate their talents. Because getAbstract has assembled the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of business book summaries, you are assured of finding helpful advice for preparing your workforce to embrace the new partnership. You’ll learn about the often-tricky challenges of integrating different management styles and figuring out who will be the key decision makers. You’ll also learn when it’s time for both partners to go their separate ways.

The success of your business alliance depends on a variety of factors. But you can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process by utilizing our informative, relevant and easily accessible summaries. You won’t find a better partner than getAbstract.