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10 Leadership Virtues for Disruptive Times

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10 Leadership Virtues for Disruptive Times

Coaching Your Team Through Immense Change and Challenge

Thomas Nelson,

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Disruption is here to stay. Master these 10 virtues to develop yourself, your people and your business in uncertain times. 

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Motivational speaker and executive coach Tom Ziglar outlines 10 simple yet powerful virtues to coach your team through uncertainty and change. In succinct and entertaining fashion, he explains the importance of each ideal and how to apply it to your own life and leadership style. Ziglar peppers his explanations with ancient spiritual wisdom, modern success stories and entertaining anecdotes from his own life. Anyone who wants to thrive and coach in unpredictable times will find a wealth of useful insights.


COVID-19’s disruption of work and employees’ values calls for a new type of leader: the “Coach Leader.”

The COVID-19 pandemic caused two main disruptions: a disruption in work environments and a disruption in employees’ values. Work environments changed from in-person offices with strict hours to at-home offices with flexible hours. Employees’ values changed from a narrow focus on career to a wider focus on work-life balance and quality of life. Although many employees found working from home challenging at first, most have come to prefer it. A 2021 PWC survey found over half of employees want at least three days a week of remote work. But the pandemic crisis and remote work have placed special stresses on employees.

Remote work, flexible hours and quality of life concerns require a new style of leadership: the Coach Leader. The Coach Leader functions more like a sports coach than a traditional office manager. The traditional manager acts as a superior who delegates tasks by telling subordinates what to do, but the Coach Leader acts as a guide who co-creates game plans by asking team members what they think. Traditional managers supervise people...

About the Author

Tom Ziglar is the CEO of Ziglar Inc. and the son of its founder, Zig Ziglar. He’s a motivational speaker, executive coach and co-host of the business podcast The Ziglar Show. 

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