10 Principles for Modernizing Your Company’s Technology

10 Principles for Modernizing Your Company’s Technology

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The old rules of IT modernization don’t hold for implementations of new technology platforms. These game-changing platforms – along with accelerating customer expectations and the rapid pace of change in practices and processes – call for new ways of thinking about, organizing and executing transformation initiatives. Leaders will appreciate this helpful guide from Leon Cooper and Milan Vyas – both directors in PwC’s technology advisory practice. Writing for Strategy+business, the authors highlight what has changed in modernization efforts and what familiar factors remain imperative.


In your technology modernization initiative, focus on the value to the customer.

Today’s systems modernizations call for a new, cloud-enabled approach to IT. But some familiar factors remain essential – such as a focus on value to the customer. Tech investments should always translate into lower prices or enhanced product quality or experiences for customers.

Aim for a simplified architecture.

New platforms and tools mean systems can offer complex functionality with simple back-end systems.

Enterprise-level software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps now can provide easy-to-use but powerful tools, built on functions available from existing providers. IT designers can focus on value to workers and customers rather than on technical issues.

Prioritize flexibility and speed.

For today’s technology systems, flexibility and speed have become more important than functionality. Modular platforms offer a vast array of plug-and-play functions, so IT leaders...

About the Authors

Leon Cooper is a director in the technology advisory practice with PwC Australia. Milan Vyas is a director in the technology advisory practice with PwC Canada and helps lead its cloud advisory service.

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