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10 Principles of Workforce Transformation

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10 Principles of Workforce Transformation


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As new technologies emerge, a company’s best asset is still its people. Success hinges on staff’s ability to adapt.

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In this age of apps, automation and AI, cultivating a talented workforce is more important than ever. Workers must constantly refresh ideas and gain new skills – leaving companies pondering how to get everyone up to date. Map your next move toward lasting workforce transformation with detailed insight from Deniz Caglar and Carrie Duarte of PwC. Packed with relevant real-world examples, their essential principles speak to any senior executive who wants to learn more about change management.


Identify one or two results you’d like to achieve in a workforce transformation.

As technology advances, businesses need a flexible, competent workforce to keep pace. However, nearly eight in ten CEOs say a lack of critical skills hinders growth at their companies. As hiring completely new workforces is unrealistic, businesses need to update existing employees’ skill sets and roles to improve productivity. A successful workforce transformation requires senior involvement at all stages. 

Excite employees for change by showcasing the company’s broader impact.

Share a heartfelt story that emphasizes the reasons your workers go to work every day, and let your enthusiasm spread as you develop your own skills. Successful science and technology company Danaher has its top 25 leaders (including the CEO) spend two weeks or more every year ...

About the Authors

Deniz Caglar and Carrie Duarte are experts in transforming organizations for PwC, an international network that delivers services to clients at 420 Fortune 500 companies.

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