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As civil unrest spread across the United States, many workers sought ways to support equality and dismantle racism within their companies. Writer and editor Michelle Garcia explains what actions you can take to confront problems directly and make a difference for people of color at your workplace. She suggests that becoming their ally and learning how to be part of the solution and not the problem can help heal historic wounds.


Civil rights protests in the United States have people examining their role in racism.

Protests erupted across the United States after incidents of police killings of black people. These protests caused people to examine how institutional racism has affected their companies and their careers.

Many white people are examining themselves for hidden bias, asking if systemic racism has helped them at work and seeking ways to support their black colleagues.

You can take 11 actions to support black co-workers, such as helping your firm develop a more inclusive culture and considering whether you have helped perpetuate racist systems.

Support people of color at your workplace with these 11 actions:

  1. “Look inward” – Ask yourself if your race is an advantage at work. Examine who makes up your inner circle. Do you talk differently to black colleagues than to white ones? Do you...

About the Author

Writer and editor Michelle Garcia was a deputy editor at Vice. She previously worked for Out, Vox, Mic and The Advocate.

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