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The 60 Second Innovator

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The 60 Second Innovator

Sixty Solid Techniques for Creative and Profitable Ideas at Work

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True innovators encourage creativity, generate ideas and find inspiration in every aspect of their world.

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Innovation is a chic buzzword constantly bandied about in the modern business world. Popular thought supports the idea that innovation is essential to thrive, or even merely survive, in the competitive global economy. In this quick read, motivational speaker and business author Jeff Davidson outlines 60 strategies for boosting your creative juices, from brainstorming to positive self-talk, from meditation to the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. Ironically, though the book is about innovation, it cites many well-known techniques that rely on tried-and-true approaches. And, as Davidson himself explains, many of the tips overlap or even repeat, so you can pick and choose the items that are most relevant to you to study in detail. getAbstract recommends this guide as an introduction to innovation for the business rookie or as a refresher course to anyone feeling creatively stuck in an environment that continually hungers for new ideas.


Creativity in a Challenging World

Throughout your workday, a variety of big and small challenges confront you. In your quest to find the best way to tackle each problem, you make little adjustments and big decisions in response to prevailing circumstances. Finding new, improved, innovative answers to every kind of challenge is a desirable, necessary skill in your personal and professional lives. The following ideas will help you encourage innovation in yourself and others.

There Must Be a “Better Way”

Many people take comfort in routine and prefer to do things the same way every day. However, innovators need to live outside their comfort zones and continually look for new and better strategies. To advance, take a creative approach to every aspect of your job, from the mundane to the complex. To “adopt the mind-set of an innovator”:

  1. “Listen to your constituents” – Develop hypersensitivity to the needs of your clients. Continually ask yourself what matters to them and how you can help them.
  2. “Stay focused on the long-term trends” – Distinguish between fads and long-range movements. Once you identify a trend, ...

About the Author

Jeff Davidson is a motivational speaker and a contributing author to Adams Media’s “60-Second” series. His books include The 60 Second Organizer and The 60 Second Self-Starter.

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