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15 Secrets Every Network Marketer Must Know

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15 Secrets Every Network Marketer Must Know

Essential Elements and Skills Required to Achieve 6- and 7- Figure Success in Network Marketing


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What's inside?

What does it take to be a network marketing success? Read this book to find out.

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Network marketing is a tough business. While 15 presentations a month is the minimum you should make, some successful marketers make 25 or more presentations each month. You have to be able to cope with rejection. Your success depends on how other people perform, even though they have varying degrees of motivation. But despite the 85% attrition rate in network marketing, those who persevere can make large incomes that justify the long hours and stress. Network marketing is not rocket science. The basics are easy to learn, which explains why the authors have written an essentially inspirational, motivational book. Its 15 chapters correspond to the 15 “secrets,” but the sections get repetitive. Despite these limitations, getAbstract found this manual practical for dedicated network marketers.


Be a Winner

Two characteristics separate successful people from those who accept mediocrity: a positive attitude and self-discipline. These two traits can help someone with middling ability succeed over someone with more talent. Attitude is a uniquely human trait and it can separate people who want to be above average from those who are just average. Your positive attitude gives you the confidence to expect good results from your endeavors. It also boosts your faith that the future will be better than the present.

However, attitudes are subject to change. When things are going well, most people have positive attitudes. When you face adverse circumstances, you can become depressed. Use self-discipline to combat these attitude swings. That means overcoming everyday disappointments, and believing the best about yourself and what you want to accomplish. Your phenomenal attitude will get positive attention. Your strong inner values, discipline, determination and expanded abilities will help you create positive experiences.

Self-discipline starts with exercising and eating the right foods. Engaging in exercise indicates that you are willing to suffer some pain to achieve...

About the Authors

Dr. Joe Rubino is a network marketing and personal development trainer and coach. He is also the author of The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty. John Terhune is the founder and CEO of a consulting firm that helps network marketing companies. He is a former prosecuting attorney and successful network marketer, and the author or co-author of three books, including The True Entrepreneur.

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