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2019 Workplace Learning Report

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2019 Workplace Learning Report

Why 2019 Is the Breakout Year for the Talent Developer


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In 2019, talent developers are enjoying unprecedented levels of support – and taking on more strategic roles in their organizations.

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The year 2019 could bring a turning point for talent developers, according to this LinkedIn Learning report on the changing landscape of talent development. Learning and development departments are seeing increases in budgets, headcount and executive support – allowing them to take on more strategic and proactive roles.


To close skills gaps, learning and development (L&D) programs are enjoying greater budgetary and executive support than ever before.

In 2019, L&D programs are enjoying improved budgetary and executive support. Only two years ago, talent developers considered budget their top challenge – now, only about a quarter of L&D leaders see budget as an obstacle. Headcount is also increasing – as is buy-in from executives. Among talent developers, 82% report receiving strong support among executives, which is allowing talent developers to become more proactive and strategic.

L&D’s expanded role comes at an ideal time to assist their organizations to close skill...

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