Summary of 2020 Learning Business Trends

2020 Learning Business Trends summary

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Professional development, continuing education and lifelong learning are seeing rapid change in 2020 – the result of digitalization, technological developments and cultural forces. While trends such as microlearning, personalization and digital badges have already received significant attention, others are only beginning to appear as factors that will shape the learning business in coming years. In a forward-looking episode of the Leading Learning podcast, hosts and learning business consultants Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele look beyond familiar topics to focus on emerging opportunities and approaches.

About the Podcast

The Leading Learning podcast informs leaders and aspiring leaders in the business of lifelong learning, continuing education and professional development. Hosts Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele are also the cofounders of Tagoras, a consultancy for learning business organizations.


Learning experience design is increasingly placing the learner – rather than the learning method – front and center.

Several trends are shaping the learning business in 2020. Learning experience design (LXD) is breaking with traditional instructional design – and its emphasis on methodology – to focus on the learner.

LXD recognizes that the learner is involved in a larger process rather than a discrete, disconnected learning experience. Instead of imposing formal structures and artificial objectives on the learner, LXD honors the way people really learn.

Another emerging trend in the learning business is that conference planners are beginning to prioritize sustainability.

Due to increasing environmental awareness among participants, conference organizers are giving more attention to environmental impact. They’re reducing plastic waste – such as water bottles – and looking at venues’ environmental certifications...

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