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Office Not Required


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To make your employees happier, more efficient and productive, set them free.

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To get the most out of your employees, send them home. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of the software firm 37signals, explain that the future belongs to “remote work” done by home-based employees. The authors portray offices as “interruption factories” full of distractions that stifle creativity and impede productivity. Remote workers are happier and more fulfilled. When you don’t make employees commute to your office, you gain access to a worldwide pool of talent. A breezy style and many amusing cartoon illustrations bring out the personality of this light, quick read. Fried and Hansson offer succinct, entertaining, practical advice on the care and feeding of a distributed workforce. getAbstract recommends their manual to managers curious about handling a telecommuting staff, to start-ups and to professionals considering taking on remote work.

About the Authors

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-authors of The New York Times bestseller Rework, founded the software firm 37signals.

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    A. 2 years ago
    Great book, however a bit one-sided. Do not expect any objective view. Despite that it is worth reading. I would especially recommend it to micromanagers.
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    F. M. 3 years ago
    Really loved it!
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    D. F. getAbstract 8 years ago
    This is a great book! Really explains the benefits of working remotely. It’s often a misconception, but as someone who works from home one day a week, I completely understand this quote from the book summary “The office during the day has become the last place people want to be when they...want to get work done.” I’m always the most productive at home. Great book, big fan of Jason Fried ever since getAbstract introduced me to his TED Talk, Why work doesn't happen at work.

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