Every "road-to-success" book has some sort of gimmick that sets it apart from the many others in the genre. Chris J. Witting Jr.’s offering is a 21-day exercise regime designed to transform your personality, catapult you up the career ladder and pave over financial potholes. Witting asks readers to devote just a few minutes per day to his program, with each day devoted to a different aspect of getting your life on track. Naturally, that’s a lot of ground to cover. But the inherent drama of the countdown to the end of the three-week cycle does keep your interest, thereby encouraging you to take the exercises seriously. And once you’ve taken that leap, the book does present some intriguing ideas on how to overcome inertia, simplify a cluttered life and harness your existing network of contacts. The instructions are easy to follow and the writing takes a pleasing, matter-of-fact tone. getAbstract recommends this book to anyone interested in personal improvement, especially those who have been left less than fulfilled after falling for other "successful" gimmicks.


The Countdown

Begin with Day 21, so the countdown effect can work its magic. Countdowns have an intriguing ability to hold your attention (think about watching the clock tick down on New Year’s Eve). At the end of each day of the countdown answer these questions in your journal: 1) What mattered to me today? 2) What coincidences, hunches, or breakthroughs did I experience today? 3) What new ideas did I have today? 4) What are my thoughts, feelings and reflections on today?

Day 21: You Can Succeed - Write three compelling reasons you think you can succeed. One statement may be, "I believe I can be successful because I am smart." This exercise helps to unlock the power of your mind to help you succeed. Write your statements and think about them for the next 24 hours.

Day 20: Uncovering Your Personal Destiny - Think about the skills and talents you have that you are able to use without thinking. These are your natural abilities. Don’t think too hard, just quickly write down five things you really enjoy doing.

Keeping these abilities in mind, think about what major accomplishments would give you the most satisfaction while serving humanity. This leads to the...

About the Author

Chris J. Witting Jr. is an award-winning broadcaster, journalist and entrepreneur. He hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, Success Journal.

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