Making tough decisions can be agonizing. Throughout your life, people have told you to trust your gut, but a career as a professional poker player taught Liv Boeree to favor careful analysis. She also believes in the influence of luck and the importance of quantification. Boeree’s short, pithy talk will provide inspiration to anyone caught in the vortex of indecision.


A career as a professional poker player taught Liv Boeree three things about everyday decision making:

  1. “Life is…a game of skill and luck” – Be aware of the role that luck plays in your life. Cancer may strike a nonsmoker while someone with a packet-a-day habit may live to an old age. The element of luck makes it difficult to discern whether your strategies are the reason for your success. In 2010, Boeree, a relative newcomer to the game, won a major poker tournament. The win inflated her self-confidence. She became lax about studying the game, started taking more risks and entered more...

About the Speaker

Former professional poker player Liv Boeree co-founded Raising for Effective Giving, a nonprofit that raises funds for global charities.

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